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Body Scrubber Eco Friendly


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Body Scrubber

  • Promotes Healthy Skin - Washing with exfoliating back scrubber stimulates skin cell production removing dead, dull looking skin. Body scrubber belt improves circulation, and shower back scrubber can reduce clogged pores. Back exfoliator even helps fight acne and rashes.
  • Long lasting - Many body scrubbers e.g. brushes can snap, fall apart or hide harmful bacteria. With bath scrubber for body a simple wash is all you need, and unlike a loofer back scrubber, exfoliating body scrubber can easily be hung dry using two neat handles.
  • Plant Fibre - Made from natural plant fibres with strong durable stitching, the bath back scrubber is eco-friendly remaining soft and spongy and holding its shape even in more rigorous use as a mens shower scrubber, and is great on sensitive skin.
  • Unisex One Size Fits All - The back brush long handle is perfect as a back scrubber for women or back scrubber for men. The interior sponge layer flexes and curves with your body no matter your shape. Back washers for shower also work on arms, legs and the whole body.
Material - Terry Towel + Sponge + Viscose
Colour - Grey
Size - 66.5cm x 8cm

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