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Revamping Your Bathroom For Less

Feeling the need to refresh your bathroom style? As one of the most used areas at home, revamping your bathroom will definitely freshen up your humble abode and will create an impact on your everyday routine. Who doesn’t want to bathe in a newly revamped bathroom, anyway?

Bathroom renovations are usually heavy on the budget, and with everything becoming more expensive lately, most of us—if not all, are not ready to splurge on this right now. Fret not, we’ll share some bathroom revamp ideas and help you score the best deals under £35!

DIY Bathroom Revamp Ideas


Unleash your inner Picasso and repaint your bathroom. Painting your bathroom will instantly change the look and feel of your space. You can either paint your walls and ceiling white to make your bathroom look cleaner and wider, or customise it according to your style by painting one wall with an accent colour. The biggest expense in this step is the paint itself. To add details, you can also use bathroom wallpaper—a special wallpaper designed to be stickier and stronger to weather dampness and steam.

Declutter and Organise

Before you begin, take a look around your bathroom and check which areas are fully cluttered. Cabinets? Drawers? Shelves? Declutter each area and make sure you get rid of items that need to get thrown into the bin. Here are a few tips that could help:

  • Make sure to only keep items you use daily in your bathroom
  • Get rid of expired products (medicine, toothpaste, hair treatments, skincare products, etc.)
  • Keep your bathroom free of any item that does not belong there.

Now that the clutter is gone, it’s time to organise! To start, make sure you have enough space to put all your bathroom essentials. If you need more space, check out these items that will give you extra storage:

Best for Shower Essentials: Iron Wire Bathroom Caddy Set

Can’t seem to get all your shower essentials in one place? Install aBathroom Storage Caddy Set and have everything you need during a relaxing shower at an arm’s reach.

More reasons to love it:

  • Includes two bathroom shelves that you can easily install without drilling. Talk about rental-friendly!
  • Keeps your essentials dry and clean with its design, making them easier to air dry.
  • Made with iron wire material coated with chrome silver to make it look elegant and resist corrosion.

Storage is very important in making your bathroom organised. Compared to other competitors selling the same product at an expensive price, this caddy set will give you the storage you need for less!

Best for Shower Storage: Stainless Steel Shower Shelf

If you’re opting to store bulkier products, it’s best to store your essentials with aShower Shelf Storage.

More reasons to love it:

  • Water drains through it with its flat surface design. No need to worry about storing unwanted water residue in your storage!
  • Easy installation through its fully adhesive back with no drilling required.
  • Made with Stainless Steel, making it rustproof and waterproof.

Upgrade your shower storage with this product and get the extra storage space you need. It’s classy, rental friendly, and affordable!

Best for Sink Organisation: Self-adhesive Toothbrush Cup

While it’s best to keep your toothbrushes and toothpaste near the sink for accessibility, they can look cluttered and pose the risk of germ buildup. Reorganise and level up your sink storage with thisToothbrush Holder to keep your daily essentials together.

More reasons to love it:

  • A hygienic way to store your toothbrushes and toothpaste; supports air drying.
  • Can be mounted on any smooth surface in minutes with its heavy-duty adhesive.
  • Also comes with screws for you to drill the bathroom toothbrush holder onto rough, painted, or wallpaper-covered walls.

Make toothbrushes properly stored without sacrificing elegance and style. This minimalist holder can help make your bathroom look expensive!

Best Portable Storage: Bamboo Toothbrush Head Holder

Don’t know where to keep your toothbrush heads? ThisToothbrush Head Holder helps store them in an aesthetically pleasing and organised manner. Its compact size also makes it perfect for use at home and on your travels.

More reasons to love it:

  • Has four slots, perfect for families or for storing spares.
  • Prevents contamination from leaving bristles in contact with the sink.
  • Attractive bamboo pattern; will match any bathroom’s interior.

Even better, its bamboo material’s natural germ resistance brings together the best of functionality with style. Store your toothbrush heads with this and partner it up with a toothbrush holder for your daily essentials.

Best for Towel Drying and Storage: Stainless Steel Towel Rack Shelf

To maximise space, use a towel rack with shelf to organise used and ready to use bathroom towels. ThisTowel Rack Shelf allows items to hang freely and air dry so that germs won’t thrive from residual moisture.

More reasons to love it:

  • Elegant and multifunctional, can be used to store kitchen towels as well.
  • Rustproof with a chrome brushed metal finish.
  • Easily installed, comes with screws and decorative caps to secure it to any surface.

This wall mounted towel bar is elegant, rustproof and easily installed! It will instantly solve storage problems while keeping your bathroom’s design.

Best for Toilet Roll Storage

Keep your toilet paper in a classyToilet Holder with Shelf to put your phone or keys while you use the toilet. Some people use it as a plant shelf for tiny plants to add life to their bathrooms. Whatever you decide to do, you do you!

More reasons to love it:

  • Keep your valuables safe as you use the bathroom. Prevents your phone, watch, glasses, & other items from slipping off and getting wet.
  • Two-way installation; you can either use its heavy-duty 3M adhesive or the screws included.
  • Can hold most toilet paper roll sizes & keep it away from dust & splashes.

Keep your toilet paper safe from water splashes and dust with this Toilet Holder and get extra storage for your valuable items!

Best for Drawer Organisation: Spring-loaded Bamboo Dividers

Drawers are often the messiest in the bathroom, just think about how much time you’ve spent looking for one particular item! UseBamboo Drawer Dividers to keep them organised and easy to spot.

More reasons to love it:

  • Adjustable from 31 up to 43cm using a spring-loaded mechanism.
  • Has anti-slip foam pads to prevent it from causing scratches or dents.
  • Stackable, perfect for organising drawers with more depth.

Organise the smallest items in your room including hair accessories, towels, pads, towels and more with these Bamboo Drawer Dividers and enjoy stress-free categorisation in your drawers! Say goodbye to rummaging through a pile of clutter in your drawers and easily find what you’re looking for.

Best for Under-Sink Organisation: Wire Drawer Shelf

Maximise your under-sink’s space with thisWire Drawer Shelf. This is perfect for storing your cleaning supplies and tools. It's a great sink shelf addition to hide some eye-sore or large bathroom essentials under the sink.

More reasons to love it:

  • Built with premium materials making it durable and sturdy.
  • Multipurpose, can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or pantry.
  • Elegant, with a silver chrome finish making it look classy.

With this Under Sink Organiser, you can now easily organise your cabinets and shelves. It’s stackable and durable, making it the perfect storage solution for your personal and cleaning items. Can also be used to store items that need ventilation with its open iron-wire design making it well-ventilated.


Once everything is organised, it’s time to add some decor! This is the easiest and most fun part since this is the chance to use your creative juices and add life and personality to your bathroom.

  • Put indoor plants inside the bathroom
  • Use scented candles and use Himalayan tealight holderfor a tranquil vibe
  • Add books and magazines 
  • Change your shower curtain

Clean Regularly

Cleaning regularly is an essential part of keeping your newly refreshed bathroom’s pristine condition. Always pay attention to grime and debris that accumulate in your bathroom every day. Most stains are easily cleaned when they are still fresh, so make sure to clean them right away.

  • Regularly clean your toothbrush holders and keep them dry
  • Keep your bathroom’s walls and floors clean and dry to avoid moulds and mildew
  • Clean your bathroom every after use

Make the Most Out of Your New Bathroom

When your bathroom is finally looking good and clean, it’s time to enjoy your time in the bathroom. Admit it, we all value our time in the bathroom. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the silence and privacy. To Moms, it’s the perfect place to spend Me Time. So, light up yourcandles, use your favourite face mask, dip in the tub or enjoy your warm shower,scruband listen to your favourite music.