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Sunday Reset: A Routine to Help Keep Things Organised

Amidst the hustle and bustle in our lives during the week, a day for reset is essential. It doesn’t matter which day of the week you want to reset, just pick a time that fits your schedule. But for most people who work from Monday to Friday, Sunday is the perfect time to take a weekly reset.

Areset day is dedicated to getting things in order for the coming week, mentally or physically. It’s a perfect time to relax, unwind, and if we have the energy for it, clean our spaces. However you want to spend it, no judgements here!

Here at Joejis, we’re all home buddies. We love to stay at home and we love to keep it clean and homey. Although we all are busy with the daily hustle and we can’t stick to a routine religiously, we always try our best to keep things in place at home.

But… cleaning? On a Sunday?! Who does that? And how does one become THAT PERSON? If you’re trying to channel your inner “THAT PERSON”--try this routine!

We also included along with these tips some of our favourite reset essentials you can rely on for hassle-free clean-ups and organisation.

Start your Sunday mornings early

A productive and restful Sunday starts with how you spend your Saturday nights. Avoid staying up late and draining your energy on Saturdays. Resting early will boost your productivity and give you enough energy on Sundays. It’s also best to finish your work backlogs on Saturdays rather than stressing yourself out on Sundays to lessen your workload. So wake up early, drink a room-temp glass of water, choose a playlist and get on with your That Person’s Sunday Reset.

Work out

Relax, we won’t force you to schedule a workout. But if you have the time to reevaluate what your body needs, at least take a few minutes to fulfil it. Take a 10-minute walk, an at-home yoga sesh, or a quick run. Whatever you decide to do, don’t wear yourself out too much. A boost of endorphin rush is just what you need. After all, a That Person routine requires more energy in tidying up.

Clean your home

Sundays are the perfect time to clean, rearrange, and organise your home. Studies show that cleaning your space makes an impact on how you feel in your crib. Tidying up on Sundays (or at least one a week) will save you time and increase your productivity, creativity, and mood for the busy days ahead.

  • To start, clean up your dirty dishes. To make sure they’re squeaky clean, use aneco dish brush to remove leftover food and stains on your dishes. Load them up on the dishwasher, clean your sink, and don’t forget to empty yourcompost bin!
  • Take a quick look at your wardrobe and get rid of everything you haven’t used for at least a year. Declutter and sell or donate! Use abamboo draw divider in your drawers to keep small things in place.
  • Check out our previousblog about decluttering to get more tips.

Fill your fridge with groceries

Declutter and clean your fridge, sit down and create a grocery list. If you’re opting for a meal plan, use a handyweekly planner to keep track of everything you need to prepare for the week. Make a quick grocery run if you have an extra hour. When everything’s settled, it’s time for the most exciting part (and our personal favourite), restocking!

To guide you, here are some organising tips we swear by;

  • Organise your fridge items by group and assign a zone for each type.
  • Create an “Eat Me First” bin to cut down on food waste and stash foods that need to be consumed in the next few days, such as leftovers, yoghurts that are about to expire, or overripe fruits.
  • Usefridge organisers to maximise your fridge’s space.
  • To add extra finesse and help with keeping your fridge clean, usebamboo deodorisers.

Reorganise your pantry

This step is totally optional. It depends on your remaining energy after doing all the previous tasks. But if you’re game and totally enjoying your “that person” energy, let’s dive into creating magic. After cleaning, stock the items with the same routine you did with the fridge. To make everything a lot more tidy, use items that will help you make the most of your pantry space:

  • Airtight Food Storage is perfect for pasta, spices, and other essentials.
  • Store eggs in anEgg Skelter, it helps you track which eggs you should consume first.
  • Keep fruits in aFruit Bowl with an open wire design and great airflow to prolong their shelf life.

Using these items will definitely change your daily routine. Keeping things in place will make it easier for you to move around the house since you won’t need to spend time looking for stuff in clutters.

Initiate Self Care

If you make all your tasks enjoyable and rewarding, it’s much easier to be “that person.” To be fair, ticking off any of the mentioned tasks is already a significant accomplishment! Self Care is the most important part of Reset Day. So take a warm shower, lather yourself with your favourite skincare gems and enjoy the rest of your day.

After all, Reset Sunday is about preparing yourself for the upcoming week by taking care of yourself and doing things that will make you feel lighter. Never forget that nobody is entirely “that person” all the time, so it’s okay if you’re not. Indulge yourself in things that make you feel whole and look forward to more productive days ahead!