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7 Best Storage Solutions for Decluttering Your Home in 2022

It’s a new year! Like most people, you’re probably looking forward to a lot of things this year. Setting your goals might be quite challenging at this time but one thing’s for sure, you’ll probably have a hard time if you don’t have a system in place. Where do I start, you ask? 

Here at Joejis, we believe everything starts at home. And whether or not you keep everything organised, we all know everyone has a bit of clutter in a room or two. Although this is normal, disorganisation has many downsides. It can trigger stress, make you unproductive and inefficient.

Studies show that decluttering can promote productivity and improvements in mental and physical health. It helps you have better focus, higher self-esteem, and have an improved lifestyle and well-being.

How to start decluttering

Before getting started with decluttering, it’s important to have a plan. Set a timeline and goals that are achievable with your schedule. First, think about the places you want to tackle. Create a priority list and tackle one space at a time. Set a deadline and stick to it. Plan out a decluttering schedule so you don’t have to rush. 


Realistically, decluttering room-by-room depends on its size and the number of items you have in each. It's important to know that it's normal to be overwhelmed. When this happens,Laura Kinsella, a Professional Organizer, advised to always remember that "decluttering is all about honoring who we are in the now" and "letting go of anything that doesn't reflect our current wants or needs."

The 4-Box Method

To speed up your decluttering process, try the4 Box Method. All you need to have are 4 boxes. Assign a “Keep Box” to put in items that are used on a daily or weekly basis and just need to be put away in their proper spot, a “Donate/Sell Box,” a “Toss Box,” and a “Storage Box” where you put in items you can’t let go but don’t use on a regular basis (for example, seasonal decor or clothing). Label them each accordingly.


Organising after decluttering

After sending the items from the Toss Box to the bin, selling or donating some of your stuff, and emptying your Keep Box by putting all the items in their designated locations, it’s time to focus on your long-term storage items.


When storing items for a long time, it’s important to sort and label them properly. Store items that you use only once a year in separate boxes or bags from items you switch out multiple times a year. 

Best for High Capacity Storage: 85L, 145L, and 185L Oxford Bags

One essential product you need after decluttering is storage bags. Doesn’t matter if you use boxes or large garbage bags but if you’re planning to store items for a long time, it would be best to store them in bags. Storing items in uniform bags or boxes can also save you space and they won’t become an eyesore regardless of where you’ll put them. OurStorage Bags come in different sizes depending on how much space you need for the items you’re storing. 


More reasons to love it:

  • Spacious; can fit large items. Ideal for storing beddings and cushions.
  • Heavy-duty design; waterproof, may be kept outdoors under a cover or used as a garden cushion storage
  • Thick handles; sewn across the bag for reliable support
  • Reinforced stitching to secure the bag’s form even when filled with heavy items


Our Storage Bag in85L is perfect for storing small items like a bunch of Christmas balls and other Christmas tree decors. Meanwhile, our Storage Bags in145L and185L are both spacious enough to store bigger items such as bed sheets and comforters and other large seasonal decorative items. It’s easy to wash, fold and store when not in use. Definitely one of our favorite products!

Must-have Storage Solutions

To keep everything in place and organised, invest in space-saving solutions for your home. You’ve spent a ton of time decluttering and reorganising your home so don’t end up wasting your efforts just by randomly storing everything. This may make you feel like your house doesn’t look any neater.

There are a number of great products to help you organise your home, but with so much available, it’s hard to decide which ones to buy. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up suggestions on handy products you can consider getting.

Best for Organising Drawers and Dressers: Spring-loaded Bamboo Divider

Even small items can get out of hand, especially when they're just thrown and forgotten inside your cabinet drawers. Tangled cables, crumpled clothes, mixed up utensils - sounds familiar? 

To keep stored items from moving around into one big mess, consider sectioning your drawers with Joejis Spring-loaded Bamboo Divider.


Each set comes with four panels that can be extended from 33 to 43cm, compatible with most compartments for kitchen utensils, clothes, or tools.

More reasons to love it:

  • Eco-conscious bamboo material with strong resistance to moulds and termites, guaranteed safe and hygienic
  • No tools required, simply pull back its spring then position it
  • Non-slip foam pads on both ends to avoid scratching your furniture
  • Stackable design, great even for deeper drawers


We love how this drawer separator can help maximise and tidy up storage space. Instead of fumbling around a messy pile of clothes, kitchenware, or tools, this product can help you access what you need in a flash.


Best for Utilising Shelves: Hanging Mug Shelf Holder

The cupboard is the best place to store all the items we don’t want on display. It’s basically why this area is mostly full of items that are not pleasing to the eyes; from cookware you don’t regularly use to bottles of condiments and spices, name it! 


Having aHanging Mug Shelf Holder can free up valuable space in your cabinets. This time, you don’t need to stack mugs and worry about breaking them. You can also level up your coffee corner with it. Just insert this holder under your shelf and display your favorite mugs for family and friends to enjoy, rather than hiding them away in the cabinet. 


More reasons to love it:

  • Silver powder coating; sleek look lasts longer than spray painted racks, won’t peel of and is not easily scratched
  • Durable iron wire; won’t bend or get deformed even when used at full capacity
  • Easy installation; just slide the cup holder onto the shelf and you’re all set (fits up to 2.5cm thick shelves)

Customers love using this in their kitchen cupboard or coffee corner to save space in storing their mugs. Instead of stressing over how to organise bulky mugs, this Mug Holder utilises spaces that would otherwise be empty. 


Best for Maximising Blind Corners and Cupboards: Corner Plate Dish Rack

Have a couple of plates you rarely use but still want to keep? Still have limited cupboard space? Another storage solution that will help you maximise your space is ourCorner Plate Dish Rack. This will allow you to maximise dish storage without taking up too much space. It has two levels which will make it easier for you to separate dishes without worrying about stacking them too high. Say goodbye to anxiety every time you open your cupboard, worrying about anything falling out of it!


More reasons to love it:

  • Maximises space; it has two levels of storage
  • Best used inside the cupboard to make it tidier
  • Sturdy; made from iron wire with rubber feet
  • Durable and attractive; comes in silver or white to compliment your kitchen
  • Ideal gift to new homemakers

We love this product for its storage capacity. Instead of stacking plates and being anxious about the danger they may pose everytime we open a cabinet, this product makes it convenient to stack in two levels without fumbling.


Best for Tidying Up Metal Kitchenware: Magnetic Knife Rack

It’s a challenge to organise everyday items like utensils and knives. It’s important to create a space in your kitchen that enables you to work efficiently. Installing aMagnetic Knife Rack on your kitchen’s backsplash will make your knives accessible without making it unsafe and disorganised. This product allows you to take advantage of the space you have available in the kitchen.


More reasons to love it:

  • Natural bamboo; water-resistant material
  • Quick & easy installation
  • The magnet core of this product can easily support up to 1.1kg of weight
  • Multifunction; can even be used with spice jars and other kitchen accessories
  • Makes your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing with its design


We love how this product makes knives displayed aesthetically in the kitchen instead of being cluttered on a tray or stored in an old knife holder that takes up too much space and is prone to dirt (gaps in a knife holder accumulate dirt and mould). By using this product, you’ll lessen the chances of knife damage and accidents if you store it in a drawer. 


Best All-Rounder Rack: Kitchen Utensil Rail

Storing your kitchen utensils in a jar makes it prone to mould. Imagine all the dirt you’ll touch while cooking! You can use aKitchen Utensil Rail if you want to toss your mouldy utensil jar and make your utensils aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen. This will help you maximise your kitchen walls without the need to drill them.  


More reasons to love it:

  • Multifunction; can be used with pots, pans and other kitchenware
  • Drill-free; it has a strong 3M adhesive that won’t fall off even in humid rooms
  • Suitable for any smooth surface
  • Scratch and tarnish resistant 
  • Strong enough to hold up to 6kgs without deforming


Customers love the multifunctionality of this product because now they can store any kitchenware or accessories they want to keep in sight for easy access. It’s a favorite for being customisable and versatile–hooks are movable so you can use it however you like!.


Best for Storing Supplies: Wire Drawer Shelf

It’s also worth reorganising your under-sink after decluttering. It’s the germiest area in your kitchen so it’s important to keep it clean and organised. You can use anUnder Sink Storageto store sponges, cleaning brushes, scrubbers, kitchen cleaners and chemicals (make sure the cabinet has a child-proof lock if you have young children in the house), dish detergents, and soaps. Now you know where to look for anything cleaning-related!


More reasons to love it:

  • Multipurpose; can also be used in the bathroom for bathroom essentials, dresser, laundry room and as a pull-out shelf to store supplies
  • Made from durable iron wire and iron tube frames, making it sturdy enough to hold small to large materials
  • Available in Chrome and Elegant White Finish


We love this product’s compact size that fits spaces under sink and shelves and its no-wobble feature. It’s stackable and easy to assemble. Say goodbye to empty unutilised spaces in your house!

What’s next

Now that you know the “Why” and the “How-To” for decluttering, let’s move on to the “When.” When you are supposedly “finished”; you’ve de-cluttered and implemented new routines to make life simpler, and when you’re done dealing with much of your clutter, just keep going. Be more conscious of the items you buy so you don’t end up storing items you don’t use, inform everyone in the house regarding the new organising system, and declutter regularly. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a more organised and cleaner home.