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Setting Up Yourself For An Amazing Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Are you ready for all the hustle and bustle of this upcoming season? The key to having a fantastic Christmas is planning. Some start preparing for this time of the year as early as -ber months begin but some would rather stress themselves out last minute. 

Be prepared and don’t become the latter. Although this season entails a lot of gatherings–which some of us are not a fan of, you can get ahead of yourself and be extremely prepared for any celebration.

But how should you start?

Let’s get into details and find out 3 Hacks to Be Christmas-Ready:

Tip #1: Prepare a Budget

Before you do anything, a Christmas budget is essential. Work out how much you want to spend and how much of that budget you want to put towards each part of Christmas – food, decor, gifts, and more. 

Without this, you might fall short of the budget and lack Christmas essentials. Along with tracking finances for the upcoming season, you can plan your meals, activities, and gifts. This way, you won’t have to worry about expensive and hassle last-minute shopping.

To help you with the planning, a Christmas Planner will definitely make things easier for you.

Christmas Planner

Skip the Christmas rush and prepare for the holiday season ahead with the help of our Christmas planner organiser. It features an exquisite Christmas design that will set you in the mood to plan the holiday season. It includes everything you need to track from gifts, activities, budget, and more!

More reasons to love it:

  • Made with High-Quality Paper
  • Best partner in planning
  • Fits the bag easily–making it easier to bring with you during shopping!
  • Hardbound; durable and can even be a keepsake
  • Allows you to track: meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, lists for gifts and Christmas cards, budget, expenses, and more!

Impress your guests by hosting a hassle-free Christmas party by planning every nitty-gritty detail. Your family and friends will surely enjoy your celebration!

Tip #2: Plan Ahead for Activities

Don’t let dull moments ruin your festive night. Make sure you’re fully prepared for fun and games to make it a memorable night. Some options include card games, board games, DIY art making, and other party games. Whatever you choose, make sure everyone will be having fun. 

DIY Wooden Baubles

Speaking of everyone, kid-friendly activities are a must in these gatherings. Try DIY activities for them. Wooden baubles can be used for Christmas parties as a fun, entertaining activity. These wooden baubles will surely be enjoyed by young & old alike!

More reasons to love it:

  • Encourages creativity
  • Fun to work on together
  • Comes in 40pcs per pack

Made with premium quality wood, our assorted baubles are uniquely styled decorations that are durable & long-lasting. Once the kids and the kids-at-heart are done painting these baubles, they can head on to your Christmas tree and add them to the decor! 

Pizza Peel and Stone

Of course, activities that involve the kitchen are our favourite family bonding. Bake a pizza from scratch with an authentic Italian taste. With our Pizza Peel and Stone which features a cordierite bakestone and a wooden paddle with a detachable handle, making homemade pizza is now less hassle. Perfect for a BBQ pizza oven or an indoor/outdoor oven, making pizza at home just got easier.

More reasons to love it:

  • Quality Stone—built to last
  • Fits most Ovens and BBQ grills
  • Easy to Use
  • Prevents Burn Injuries

This pizza baking stone was crafted to fit in most ovens and barbecue grills. It allows you to safely insert and remove your pizza stones with ease. Beyond preventing burn injuries, a pizza peel helps recreate authentic restaurant-quality pies & artisan bread at home. Use it to safely flip food for an even cook & for quick retrieval before the crust gets charred.

Cast Iron Chicken Oven Roaster Stand

Of course, every party has its own star main dish. And who wouldn’t want roasted chicken on Christmas day? Cooking with your family is a holiday experience that will never go old. Use a Chicken Roaster Stand to level up your cooking experience! Prepare marinades and hot sauces using a convenient catcher at the base, cooking away excess oils from the chicken roaster for healthy meals. It’s also suitable as a spit roast, kebab rotisserie, and skewer stand. With its centre spike, you can now fill it with juice/beer/wine for added flavour.

More reasons to love it:

  • Made with High-Quality Cast Iron
  • With Dual Side Handles
  • With Side Grooves (for easier transfer of juices)
  • Easy to Use
  • Can also be used for kebabs and rotisserie
  • Hassle-free cleaning

Use the chicken roaster for turkey fillets, roast steaks, beer can chicken roaster, kebab spike stand for oven and rotisserie BBQ. Great results juicy meats, crispy skins and delicious grilled flavour.

Tip #3: Create a Gift List

Christmas is the time for gift-giving. If you have Christmas Planner with you, it’ll be easier to create a gift list and track them. If you don’t, you can create your own. To help you rid yourself of running out of gift ideas, here are some products that they’ll definitely love:

Cast Iron Casserole

Know a newbie in the Kitchen? The perfect gift would be a reliable Cast Iron Casserole. Our 2.7L Cast Iron Casserole with lids are sturdy and it lasts for years if used properly. It’s also compatible with any heat source so you don’t have to ask the receiver and just surprise him/her with this gift. Best used when cooking for 3 to 4 people, this multiuse hob to oven casserole dishes work well to braise, bake, fry, sear, stew, slow cook, & more.

More reasons to love it:

  • All Around Cast Iron Cookware
  • Practical and Sturdy Handles
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Lasts for a long time when used properly

This hob and oven-proof casserole dish has large twin carry handles that are easy to grip even when wearing thick gloves. This allows you to safely move our cast iron casserole dishes from the kitchen to your dining table.

Griddle Pan

Built to last in the kitchen, our black grill pan is made from premium cast aluminium that can withstand a high temperature while quickly and evenly distributing heat on the base. It’s the best gift for your friend who just moved into their new home.

More reasons to love it:

  • Preseasoned
  • Made from Premium Cast Aluminium
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Suitable for most heat sources including ovens
  • Comes with a FREE silicone handles

Unlike other non-stick pans, ours features a griddle design that's ideal for grilling, searing, and sizzling. This non-stick grill pan is the perfect steak pan that will give you that signature grill marks and delicious juicy flavour.

Stovetop Espresso Maker

Your Dad or Uncle who loves Espresso will definitely love this Espresso Maker. This induction coffee maker helps extract 6 cups of strong espresso with less time & effort. Just add your favourite ground coffee, pour water up to its safety valve, assemble the pot, and then bring it to a boil on low heat for 3-5 minutes.

More reasons to love it:

  • Great for Outdoors
  • Everything you need for a quick Espresso
  • Made with Premium Quality Materials
  • Compatible with most heat sources

With a 10cm flat base, our coffee percolator is fit for most heat sources including induction, electric, gas, & ceramic hobs. Also perfect as a camping coffee press for you to brew an aromatic pot over a portable gas stove.

Have a Merry Christmas with Your Loved Ones

Now that you have envisioned and planned everything you want for Christmas, it’ll be so much easier to execute. Again, make sure to have everything prepared a few days before Christmas eve so you won’t need to rush anything. Have a Merry Christmas and a joyful season ahead!

To know more about our products, visit our website and check out our catalogue. We offer a wide variety of home and kitchen products that are ready to ship internationally.