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Picnic Essentials for this Summer’s Last Hurrah

Summer is almost over but the heat is still at an all-time high. As we know, we only have a few days remaining to enjoy the summer heat. But worry not, setting up a picnic for your family and friends is not that hard! Fortunately, wherever you are in the UK, you’ll have a local park you can get lost in. Tip: You can check outThe National Trust to see the nearest one, just type in your postcode and it will give you park suggestions.

In order to have a fun and stress-free picnic with your family and friends, like most celebrations, the key is in planning. 

It will be chaotic if you forget anything important but fret not, from picnic prep to our favourite picnic essentials, we’re here to guide you to throwing a summer picnic:


Think of all the snacks you want to indulge in during the picnic. Finger foods are ideal, and it’s much easier to prepare. Chips, cheese, fruits, and maybe pizza? Why not? Just make sure to add something healthy to get a perfect balance!

Before leaving the house, pack your picnic essentials. It’s recommended to pre-cut everything fruits, cheese, and other snacks and store them in anairtight food container or alunch box

It’s best to pack light but there’s no harm in making sure you have everything you need. Anoxford storage bag will be perfect for a bigger crowd. Who wouldn’t want to bring just one bag and have everything they need? 

Picnic Essentials: Snacks

Most people prefer bringing ready-to-eat snacks like fish and chips, fruits, or sandwiches. To make everything easier for you, here are our top picks:

  • Salad - a cold dish of various mixtures of cooked veggies seasoned with oil, vinegar or other dressing topped with meat, fish or tofu is one of our favorite go-to snacks! If you’re planning to get veggies, avoid bringing leafy ones that wilt at the sight of the sun. You can always prepare salad ahead of time so you do you!
  • Pasta or grain-based dishes such as quinoa or couscous, and add veg with a bit of bite – think crispy red peppers, chickpeas, and feta. Take any dressings along in a separate container and add just before serving. 
  • To add more fun, you can also bring a portablefondue to dip your fruits and veggies!
  • Acheese set to make a charcuterie board is also a good idea! Cheese is perfect for sharing and with a cheese board, it’s easier to set it up during a picnic. A major plus— it’s gram worthy! Make sure to use a set with forks and knives to lessen the hassle of packing.

Picnic Essentials: Drinks

If you’re bringing kids with you, make sure to bring non-alcoholic beverages. You always have the option to buy ice on your way to the park so it would be best to bring anice bucket as well. But if you have empty wine bottles, you can use them to store water and cover them withwine sleeves. All you have to do is put them in the fridge the night before your picnic! 

Nevertheless, if you’re also bringing wine, make sure you have awine aeratorand corkscrew to open the wine bottles. This way, you no longer have to worry about decanting the wine and painstakingly look for a bottle opener!

Packing the Essentials

Ready to go? Before packing, it’s important to make a list to keep track of everything you need. Here’s a quick checklist you can tick off along the way:

  • Basket or bag
  • Picnic blanket
  • Airtight food containers
  • Reusable or eco plates, cups, cutlery & napkins
  • Ice packs and wine jacket
  • A bottle opener
  • Food & Drinks!
  • Suncream
  • Outdoor games or board games
  • Wet wipes & bin bag for rubbish

Feel free to add to the list and bring everything you deem necessary. Just don’t overpack and hassle yourself or anyone else into bringing heavy bags to the park. Remember, you want to relax and enjoy!