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4 Things To Prepare for a Festive Christmas on the 24th of December

If you’re reading this in hopes of ticking off your last minute To Do list, you’re on the right track. Christmas Eve is the best time of the year, with all the excitement and anticipation that it comes with.

But it’s also the most hectic and gruesome process to pull off a Festive Christmas. Assuming that you’re like most of us, where we host a Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, everything in this list will totally help you have a hassle-free Christmas.

Charge Your Phones, Cameras and Other Gadgets

Before you do anything, charge everything that needs to be charged from phones, cameras, to household gadgets like vacuum which you’ll probably need!

This might sound unimportant but you wouldn’t like it you if can’t take photos anymore just because your camera died.

Prepare Last Minute Gifts

Unexpected guests are sometimes unavoidable. And since it’s Christmas, taking in guests that would feel welcome is the way to go. Give your guests a delightful visit with last-minute gifts ready to be given away. Here are some ideas:

Coloured Mugs

Gifts that never get old? Mugs! You will never go wrong with coloured mugs. You can gift one mug per person. It’s also easy to quickly wrap up (although it’s still better to wrap as soon as you can and just leave the name tags empty).

More reasons to love it:

  • Made with Food Safe Porcelain
  • Lets you enjoy the comforting warmth of hot tea or coffee for longer
  • Holds up to 380ml of your favourite beverage
  • Can withstand cold and hot temperatures making it your go-to mug every time you want a drink

Make everyone feel welcome by handing these mugs as last-minute presents. Everyone would appreciate a cute and thoughtful gift. You can also quickly customise these plain cups and add vinyl stickers of their names or just a quote. If you have extra time, painting them will give them a nice touch. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Corkscrew Bottle Opener

To add to the list, another gift you can give away are Corkscrew Bottle Openers. Perfect for homemaker friends and family that loves to drink!

More reasons to love it:

  • Easy to Use with its comfortable wing design and non-slip silicone patches for a comfortable hold
  • Looks elegant; coated with a smooth stylish stain-resistant finish making it an impressive gift
  • It also doubles as a bottle cap opener

This wine bottle opener will be appreciated by anyone old enough to drink, so make sure you have a few stocks to wrap and give away. It also comes in different colours–black, silver and rose gold; so you can choose to give different colors for ladies and gents.

Bento Lunch Box

Now, if you’re looking for gifts for the kids, you will never go wrong with lunch boxes. This Bento Lunch Box can also be gifted to any age! Your Mom friend who has a preschooler? Yes. Your son’s classmate? Why not?

More reasons to love it:

  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Leakproof Food Containers making sure it will be mess free
  • Portable–fits most bags! Perfect for lunchboxes or just putting inside your handbag
  • Easy to Clean by hand or dishwasher

Bento Lunch Boxes supports anyone’s shift to a sustainable lifestyle. With these food containers, they can easily pack their lunch and keep them fresh. Keep a few ready to be gifted away and you can gift them to anyone!

Chill the Drinks and Defrost + Marinate the Meat

Need to pre-cut meat for Christmas dinner? Marinate and make the meat will be juicy and tender. Chill drinks as early as you can make drinks below zero! Christmas Eve is the best time to do all the preparations you need.

Butcher Knife

A sharp knife is your best friend in the kitchen for the busiest time of the year. This meat knife has an arc knife heel and V-shaped blade for better control. It’s perfect for daily mincing, slicing, or chopping tasks of all the ingredients you need for your Christmas meals. Its razor-sharp blade can easily cut through fruits, vegetables or meat.

More reasons to love it:

  • V-shape blade for better control in cutting making it an absolute help in mincing, slicing or chopping
  • Comes with a PU leather sheath so you can carry it anywhere or slip your belt through
  • Improved Grip; curved handle fits the palm making it comfortable to hold even if you have to use it for hours of prep
  • Has a finger slot for a secure hold

Having a handy Butcher Knife on Christmas Eve to prepare for everything you need is life changing. Imagine using just one knife to do all the work you need to be done for last minute prepping. All you need is a towel to quickly rinse and dry this knife and it’ll be ready for another task!

Meat Mallet

Looking for a reliable meat tenderiser? A meat tenderiser hammer is an essential item for any kitchen tools collection. Used with large meat-cutting tools, meat cleavers and other tools to soften meat, anyone can finally take full control of meat preparation. After thawing the chicken breast, use a meat tenderiser and make the perfect chicken tenders for Christmas. It’ll be children’s fave!

More reasons to love it:

  • Easy to Use, just clean and it’s ready for use!
  • Made with Zinc alloy which is more powerful without putting too much effort
  • Multipurpose; can also be used to cut herbs, spices or any kind of meat

Make your preparations a breeze with a handy meat mallet. This will help you tenderise your meat as quickly as possible, making it easier for you to marinate and prep them for cooking. No help in the kitchen? No need to call anyone else to help knead meat, with this meat mallet, you’ve got all the help you’ll need!

Meat Injector

Speaking of easy marinating, a Meat Injector will also help you get the juices you need to pierce through the meat. Forgot to soak the chicken you’ll roast? To reduce the time for preparation, you can use a Meat Injector for last-minute preparations, eliminating the need to soak the meat overnight. Cut the waiting time and prep faster with this meat injector. Meat will get the juices it needs without a long soaking time.

More reasons to love it:

  • Perfect for last minute marinating; lets you inject all the juices and flavour your meat needs
  • Precise Injector; with 3 interchangeable clog-resistant needles of varied sizes and functions
  • Can easily be assembled and dismantled once done

While traditional methods require soaking overnight, you can get juicy & intensely flavoured beef, pork, chicken, or turkey in just 1-2 hours. No one has to know you started preparing late for your roasted chicken!

Ensure the House is Ready

Before anything else, it’s important to make sure the house is ready for the following day. Visitors will surely love to be welcomed by a clean and guest-ready house. So before calling it a night, make a quick tour of the house and see what needs to be done.

Don’t forget to prep the guest room as well, regardless of having no guests planning to stay the night. It’s vital to have a room ready for little ones to snooze in or just a spot for the guests to leave their valuables.

Relax and Bond with the Family

Now that you have envisioned and planned everything you want for Christmas, it’ll be so much easier to execute. Squeeze in some time to bond with the family on Christmas Eve. Watch a Christmas film and share snacks on aCharcuterie board. Light up candles. Enjoy the warmth of family and the spirit of Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas Eve and a joyful season ahead!

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